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Battle at the Box Office 4/19

Despite coming in well below industry estimates, Kick Ass came in number one at the box office this weekend.  Counting Thursday night showings, the hyper violent comic adaptation took in $19.8 million, just barely beating How to Train Your Dragon’s $19.6 million.  Overwhelmingly positive word of mouth seems to be benefiting Dragon as it moved up a spot from last week and only had a 21% drop off.  Date Night came in third, beating the other new release of Death at a Funeral, which came in fourth.  Clash of the Titans seems to be suffering from the opposite of Dragon, the unanimous criticism of it’s 3D seems to have finally caught up to it as it dropped from first to fifth.  Everything else continued to slide down, some like the latest Tyler Perry movie dropping up to three slots.  Will another comic adaptation, The Losers, have better luck this weekend?

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