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The Jack Attack: Hour 19

By Zach

I was a little busy last week and so we missed a week on The Jack Attack but fortunately it was a build up episode.  All you need to know is that Dana claims to have evidence about who in the Russian government was masterminding the attacks and Logan convinced President Taylor to cover it up to protect the peace treaty.  Jack was being sent to McGuire Air Field so he couldn’t interrogate Dana but he stole a helicopter from CTU and took off toward the city.

This week’s episode found Jack being pursued by a pair of military choppers.  After landing on a nearby helipad, Jack managed to evade the NYPD and bought some cell phones from a corner store.  He first called one of his old contacts, Jim, who apparently owed Jack a favor and Jack was collecting by demanding a cache of weapons and gears.  He then called Chloe to try and get access to Dana.  However, Dana was being moved by a private security firm hired by Logan.

President Taylor started to doubt her decision to cover up the evidence and after talking it over with Ethan, she decided to cancel the peace talks and investigate the Russians through back channels.  Logan had another scheme up his sleeve though; President Taylor could label Dana an enemy combatant and they would be free to move her to a private detention center and “extract” the evidence.  After getting guilt tripped about the peace by Logan, Taylor agreed.  Ethan was appalled and tendered his resignation saying he wasn’t needed since Allison had Logan now.

Chloe fell back to her old Jack helping ways, stealing the contents of the security team leader’s phone, however she decided against it and instead set up a sting operation with Cole.  CTU would lure Jack to an old laundromat where Cole and his team would take him down.

Jack arrived at Jim’s and got his equipment.  He also called Chloe and got the location of the laundromat and promised to give him schematics when he got there.  Jack arrived and snuck around the back.  He knocked out the rear guard and moved into the building.  He managed to take one of Cole’s men hostage and ordered them all on the ground, with the exception of Cole.  He took Cole aside for a pow wow and said he knew it was a set up but he risked coming because he wanted Cole’s help to get Dana.  Cole agreed and the two headed out.

Meanwhile, the security firm arrived at their secret headquarters and started to extract the information from Dana with a little waterboarding.  They also got orders from Logan’s aide that after they got the evidence Dana was expendable.

Closing out the episode was President Taylor starting her press conference to announce that the peace talks were still on with Dalia Hassan as the new president of the IRK.  It was kind of another building episode but with only five hours left hopefully they have a big finish in the works.

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