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The Jack Attack: Hour 20

We’re almost done as there’s now only 4 hours left of 24.  This week we came in during Dalia Hassan’s speech to the press.  Jack and Cole, meanwhile, were staking out the safehouse that Dana was being held in by Logan’s private security contractors.  The contractors were busy waterboarding Dana for the location of the evidence, but she was not cooperating.  Jack and Cole snuck their way around the back of the building and onto the roof.  After taking out the lookout, Jack and Cole managed to get inside and freed Dana by taking out the goon in charge, who gravely underestimated Jack’s shooting ability.  The trio stormed their way out and hit the road.  Dana wouldn’t reveal the location of the evidence to Jack either but he proved he wasn’t screwing around by pulling over and threatening to shoot her.  Dana believed him and told Jack she had a safe deposit box at a bank that had a flash card with a video file of all the people involved on it.  Jack headed back to the car and Dana tried to convince Cole that Jack only wanted the file to get a list of everyone involved and then kill them all, starting with her.  Cole brushed her off and the group headed to the bank.

Back at the UN, President Taylor got word about Jack’s snatching of Dana and confronted Logan about it.  Logan had yet another contingency plan which involved sending his aide Evan Pillar over to CTU to head up the search for Jack.  Pillar was apparently some big shot with the DEA during the Daniels administration.  Pillar and his assisstant rolled into CTU and immediately acted like they owned the place, commandeering all the resources and shoving Chloe aside.  Pillar also changed Jack’s status to armed and dangerous and authorized any force.  Pillar was also giving intelligence to Novakovich and his sleepy looking assistant, who would use the information to send a Russian kill squad to take out Jack.

Jack, Dana and Cole arrived at the bank and, while Jack stood guard, Dana and Cole got Dana’s box.  Cole opened it and found a gun, passports, money and a flash bomb, which went off and allowed Dana to knock out Cole and take out the bank employee who brought them the box.  Dana took a wad of cash, a passport, the gun and the evidence and made a call to 911 telling them about Jack.  She then snuck out while Jack got stopped by a pair of cops.  Jack took one hostage and shot the other in the foot and took off after Dana.  After a chase through the streets, Jack and Dana got into a shoot out in a building under construction.  Dana ran out of ammo and got cornered by Jack on the second floor.  Jack demanded the evidence and Dana wanted to know if there was anything she could do to get a deal.  Jack said there was nothing and then straight up murdered her, seemingly proving her right about Jack being out for revenge rather than justice.  How far is Jack going to go to avenge Renee and how is the series going to end?

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