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Everything Action Theater: Community “Modern Warfare”

Community has been making movie references since it’s first episode but lately they’ve been doing whole episodes based on specific genres.  If you haven’t been watching the show, it follows the misadventures of Jeff Winger, a disgraced lawyer who has to go back to college to get his legal degree.  Attending Greendale Community College he becomes friends with his Spanish study group which includes single mom Shirley, activist/feminist Brita, grade obsessed Annie, old guy Pierce, former high school jock Troy and movie/tv nerd Abed.

Two weeks ago they did a gangster film parody where the gang took control of Greendale’s chicken finger supply with  Abed as the Don, but this week they outdid themselves with a parody/tribute to action movies as the entire campus got caught up in a paintball war. It started out like a typical Community episode;  Jeff  and Brita  were getting on the study group’s nerd with their constant bickering, which they attributed to built up sexual tension.  The dean arrives to tell the gang that the Spring Fling event is going to start soon with a fun paintball match where the winner will get a TBD prize (It was supposed to be a Blu Ray player but someone stole it).  Jeff couldn’t care less and goes to take a nap in his car.  He wakes up an hour later to find the campus in chaos as the prize has been turned into priority registration for next semester’s classes.  Check out the whole episode below and see if you can get all the references, I think I’m going to need to watch it again but I got Terminator, The Matrix, Face/Off, Predator and Rambo just to name a few.

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