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Everything Action Theater: Gamebox 1.0

By Zach

Were you listening to this week’s podcast and wondering, “What the hell is this Gamebox 1.0 movie Chris was talking about?”  Well, wonder no more as, amazingly, Hulu has the whole thing available for your viewing horror.  Nate Richert, who played Harvey on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, stars as Charlie Nash.  Charlie is a video game tester who gets a mysterious VR game system in the mail that incorporates people from his actual life into three available games.  Charlie becomes obsessed with the Gambox when it creates a doppelganger of his murdered girlfriend Kate (played by Boy Meets World’s Danielle Fishel) and starts to effect his life outside of the game.  It’s about on par with something SyFy would do with a slightly bigger budget.   Check out the whole thing below and get a taste of what watching movies with Chris is like.

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