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The Jack Attack: Hour 21

By Zach

After revealing his true intentions at the end of last week’s episode by murdering Dana, Jack began his revenge in earnest this week.

Starting out though, Cole was arrested by the NYPD and brought to the crime scene to identify Dana’s body.  The police informed him of the proximity of the gun used to kill her, proving she was executed by Jack.  Cole was then returned to CTU and interrogated by Pillar, who tried to appeal to his sense of soldier duty.  Cole wasn’t having it and refused to say anything.  Pillar and his assistant Eden then announced that all CTU resources not devoted to UN security were to be devoted to finding Jack.

Jack, meanwhile, was on his way back to his buddy Jim’s hideout and got a look at the video file.  It showed Dana talking to Novakovich’s right hand man/assassin Pavel.  Jack asked Jim to identify the man in the video, which Jim agreed to after Jack told him his true mission, avenging Renee.  They learned Pavel’s identity and that he was in the US on a diplomatic visa.  Jack then put in a call to our old friend Meredith Reed, the reporter who was accused of planning to kill Hassan the day before.  Jack asked Meredith to meet him at a department store to see the evidence and then expose it to the public.  Jack’s call was intercepted by Arlo based on a number of keywords and it was immediately transferred to Pillar, who listened to the whole thing.  He briefed Logan and Novakovich, who was sending a team with Pavel to the store to kill Jack and Meredith.  Chloe and Arlo decided they had enough of Pillar and, using a handy Sprint 3G mobile WiFi hotspot, they created their own private network and hacked into the security cameras of Cole’s holding cell.  Chloe then asked him if he knew where Jack was, and after moping about who was right anymore, he gave Chloe a clue that Jack had to have a contact in the city to get the equipment he had.

Logan then took the news of Jack’s imminent demise  to try and get his moment back in the limelight from President Taylor.  The President said her press secretary would makes some announcement about his involvement in time for the 1 o’clock news, since that was their deal.  She then went back to finalize the peace treaty with Dalia Hassan, as the signing was about 2 hours away.

Meredith arrived at the department store and Jack arrived shortly after, using his training to sneak almost undetected to the meeting point.  Pavel had him in his sights but was apprehended by Jim and taken hostage.  Jack moved Meredith out of harm’s way and proceeded to eliminate the Russian covert team.  He and Jim then took their company to a nearby, seemingly abandoned building.  Jim took Meredith into a side room to see the evidence while Jack went to work on Pavel in probably the most brutal interrogation in 24 history.  Jack used pliers, a blowtorch, a knife and splashed some sort of liquid on Pavel, but he still refused to talk.  Jack regrouped and saw Pavel’s cell phone but it was missing the SIM card.  Jack realized Pavel had swallowed it and decided to cut it out of him.  Retrieving the SIM card Jack tried the last received number and got Logan’s voice mail, giving Jack his next target.

From the previews for next week it looks like there’s no limit on what Jack is willing to do to get revenge, including donning some bad ass full body armor and storming the UN.  With only three hours left things are going to get intense.

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