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Everything Action Theater: Mega Man the Movie

Years in the making, director Eddie Lebron’s adaptation of Mega Man has been released the masses (as talked about on this week’s podcast).  Staying faithful to the original game while also incorporating some elements from some of the later games, the movie finds the evil Dr. Wily, tired of being in the shadow of the benevolent Dr. Light, taking control of Dr. Light’s 6 “Robot Masters” and setting them loose on the city.  The only choice to stop them seems to be sending Dr. Light’s latest creation, Rock, into battle to stop them.  If you keep in mind that this movie was made for pretty much no money, it’s pretty impressive and the guy playing Dr. Wily is fantastic.  Check out the whole thing below thanks to Vimeo.

“MegaMan”-Fan Film from Eddie Lebron on Vimeo.

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