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Michael Bay presents TMNT?

By Zach

The Ninja Turtles have been shuffled around a lot over the past couple years, most recently the whole IP enchilada got bought by Nickelodeon for $60 million last year.  Now Nick’s parent company Paramount has handed over the development of a new feature film to Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes company.  Platinum Dunes has cornered the market in horror remakes over the past couple of years, most recently the new Nightmare on Elm Street but they have been acquiring and expanding their interests like with The Monster Squad remake and the Ouija Board movie.  I wonder what direction they would go with the Turtles?  Personally, I would want a comic based take on the Turtles, the comic Turtles were awesome in Turtles Forever and I would love to see their gritty and violent world in a live action movie.

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