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RIP Dennis Hopper

Posted on May 29, 2010 by

Sad news today as one of our favorite character actors, Dennis Hopper, passed away at age 74 due to complications related to prostate cancer.  Hopper burst onto the scene with Easy Rider and then starred in Apocaylpse Now and Blue Velvet before finding his niche as one of the all time best villain actors.  He’s arguably the greatest thing about Speed and, of course, we have a soft spot for his role as the first major villain of 24, Victor Drazen.  He also almost made Super Mario Bros. and Waterworld watchable.  One of my favorite roles of his, however, is when he played Christian Slater’s father in True Romance and he runs afoul of Christopher Walken.  Seeing these two great character actors together is on par with the scene between DeNiro and Pacino in the diner in Heat.

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