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Everything Action Theater: Solarbabies

By Zach

Hulu resurrects one of the more bizarre 80’s movies, Solarbabies starring Jason Patric and Jami Gertz.  In a post-apocalyptic future where most of the Earth is desert and control is in the hands of the fascist military Protectorate.  Kids are taken to “orphanages” at a young age to be educated and trained to be able to serve the Protectorate when they grow up.  A group of these kids are the Solarbabies, who are a team of “skateballers” which is the main pastime and kind of a combination of lacrosse and roller hockey.  The youngest Solarbaby, Daniel, finds a mysterious orb like creature named Bohdai who gives Daniel back his hearing and communicates with the group telepathically.  Another kid named Darkstar, a mystic of sorts, takes Bodhai and goes to find his tribe in the desert, causing first Daniel and then the rest of the Solarbabies to escape the orphanage give chase.  The Solarababies themselves are hunted by Protectorate troops.  Got all that?  If not you can watch the whole movie below and try to figure it out.

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