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Transformers 3 Details

Posted on June 11, 2010 by

We got some details yesterday about what we can expect for Transformers 3, including that it’s going to be in 3D.  Other details include:

  • Michael Bay wants to get rid of what he calls “the dorky comedy” and specifically mentioned the Twins, saying they will have a drastically reduced role in 3.  John Turturro will be back to provide “comic relief”.
  • Sam is going to be trying to get a job and transition into adulthood, obviously without his girlfriend Mikaela though.
  • The plot will delve more into the Transformers role in human history, specifically how they influenced the space race between the US and the USSR.  One of the sets is being described as a broken down nuclear facility.
  • This will be the final chapter and Bay claims they are really working on making a “killer ending”
  • Finally probably the most interesting thing is that the villain this time will be Shockwave.  In the Transformers universe, Shockwave was the Decepticon who Megatron left in charge of Cybertron while he took his attack force to Earth.  Shockwave’s alternate form was a laser cannon.

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