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Everything Actioncast Ep. 11 “Good News Everyone!”

This week’s Everything Actioncast finds Zach, Brian and Chris (with a brief cameo by Charlie) talking about everything from Toy Story 3 to Gary Busey fighting man eating tigers to Futurama to When in Rome(?)

  • Show and Tell: Brian tells us what he thought of The A-Team and then both he and Chris saw Toy Story 3.  Zach, meanwhile, tunneled deep into Netflix Instant Watch to find the crazy Gary Busey vs. man eating tiger movie, Maneater.
  • News: Details about the Alien prequel films, The Smurfs Trailer, Crank duo possibly directing Ghost Rider 2, Neil Blomkamp possibly directing The Hobbit and the 35th anniversary of Jaws.
  • Futurama Returns!: One of our favorite shows is back from the dead, Futurama, and the guys talk about some of their favorite episodes.

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