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Battle at the Box Office 6/28

By Zach

Like I predicted last week, Toy Story 3 managed to hold on to the top spot over the weekend.  Pulling in another $59.3 million, the movie’s total gross is over $226 million in two weeks.  Closer than probably anyone expected was Grown Ups, which probably pulled in people thanks to it’s ensemble cast but got disastrous reviews.  The movie opened with $40.5 million.   Tom Cruise had easily one of his lowest openings ever with Knight and Day, a disappointing third with just over $20 million.  Everything else pretty much moved down 1 or 2 spots with the exception being Jonah Hex, which plummeted from seventh to tenth and will easily be one of the biggest bombs of the year.  As much as I would love it to, I doubt Toy Story 3 can hold out against the upcoming onslaught of Twilight zombies.

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