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Everything Actioncast Ep. 12 “Morphin’ Time!”

What happens when Zach and Chris are left with hosting duties for the week?  The most tangent filled, nerdiest episode ever.  The duo talks about the return of Futurama, the bizarreness of the Seinfeld pilot, Green Arrow, ridiculous moments in Marvel Comics and spend over an hour talking about everything Power Rangers.

  • Show and Tell: Chris stays current by watching Office Space and also checked out the first episode of Louis C.K.’s new show Louie, Zach watched Changeling and Toy Story 3 and both the guys watched the premiere of Futurama.
  • News: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 plot revealed, trailers for Green Hornet, Red and Predators and Marvel might start making short films.  Also the New Release Round Up.
  • Power Rangers!: It’s the 15th anniversary of the movie this week so Chris and Zach go into depth about it’s pros and cons, how it’s different from the show, favorite crazy monsters and crazier Zords, was Ernie actually Zordon?, PSAs, video games and knock off shows like Big Bad Beetleborgs.

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*BONUS* The bizarre anti-bullying PSA from the Power Rangers:


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