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Battle at the Box Office 7/12

Posted on July 12, 2010 by

It seems like our national nightmare has ended sooner than expected as Twilight tumbled down to second and our hero is the critically acclaimed Despicable Me, which took the top spot with $56.4 million.  Eclipse dropped just over 50% to $31.7 million.  Predators had a solid third place opening with $24.7 million.  Despite Despicable Me taking some of it’s 3D screens, Toy Story 3 only dropped 30% from last week, taking fourth place with $21 million.  The Last Airbender had a fairly large drop off, falling to fifth with $16.6 million.   Other than that everything pretty much stayed the same although indie dramedy Cyrus continues to gain theaters and took the tenth spot again with $1.3 million in 200 theaters.

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