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Know Your “That Guy”: Terry O’Quinn

Terry O’Quinn

Born: July 15, 1952

Number of Roles: 99

Best Known for Playing: John Locke/Man in Black on Lost

First Appearance: James Roosevelt in F.D.R.: The Last Year (1980)

Most Recent Appearance: John Locke on Lost (2010)

Notable Roles:

  • General Nicholas Alexander on The West Wing
  • FBI Assistant Director Kendall on Alias
  • Admiral Thomas Boone on JAG
  • Buster Schuler in Hometown Legend
  • Peter Watts on Millennium
  • Bud Yancy in Primal Fear
  • Reilly on Earth 2
  • Mayor John Clum in Tombstone
  • Howard Hughes in The Rocketeer
  • Jerry Blake in The Stepfather

Fun Facts:

  • Didn’t have to audition for Lost as JJ Abrams wrote his part for him after O’Quinn was on Alias.
  • Experienced in percussion instruments
  • Friends with Chris Carter and has guested on three of his shows: The X-Files, Millennium and Harsh Realm
  • Talented guitarist and singer, can do a dead on Neil Young impression.
  • Learned how to handle and throw knives for Lost.

Locke vs Jack on Lost:

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