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Battle at the Box Office 7/19

Surpassing expectations, Inception dominated the box office over the weekend.  The latest from Christopher Nolan made just over $62 million, the largest opening ever for Leonardo DiCaprio and the second highest original sci fi film opening behind Avatar.  Also surprisingly strong was last week’s winner, Despicable Me, which made another $32.8 million and taking it’s total for two weeks to over $118 million.  Well below expectations was The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which came in a mediocre third with $17.6 million making it the second Disney/Bruckheimer flop of the year.  Predators, meanwhile, collapsed from last week with an almost 72% drop off and only making another $7 million, good for eighth place.  Near the bottom of the top 10 indie comedies Cyrus and The Kids are All Right look ready to break into the list, both got expanded releases and were big earners for the number of theaters they had.

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