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Everything Actioncast Ep. 16 “L33T Haxorz”

By Zach

This week on the Everything Actioncast Zach, Brian and Chris answer burning questions like: Is there such thing as a bad Godzilla movie? What the hell does the end of Inception mean? What goes on inside the mind of Zack Snyder? and Is Samuel L. Jackson the baddest IT tech in movie history?  All this and more on this week’s podcast.

  • Show and Tell: Brian checks out Edge of Darkness and the 80’s classic Flash Gordon, Chris watches Hawthorne for some reason (and wishes it was more Scrubesque), Zach checks out Green Zone and Godzilla 2000 and the guys talk more about Inception (Spoilers!).
  • News: Faster Trailer, Tim Burton directing Monsterpocalypse and Comic Con news.
  • Hacking!: With the 15th anniversary of the “classic” movie The Net this week, the guys decide to discuss some of their favorite examples of awesomely bad hacking from movies like Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Hackers, Johnny Mnemonic and more.

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