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Battle at the Box Office 8/2

Inception is proving a wacky concept at the box office; If you make an excellent, original movie, it will make a ton of money. Taking the number one spot for the third week in a row, Inception made another $27.5 million, bringing it to almost $200 million overall. Powered most likely by it’s great cast, Dinner for Schmucks was a close second with $23.3 million. Salt was bumped down to third with $19.2 million while Despicable Me went to fourth with $15.5 million. The, by all accounts, terrible Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore debuted at a weak fifth place with only $12.5 million. It’s budget was a ridiculous $85 million so I don’t see it recouping that any time soon. Cats & Dogs did better than Charlie St. Cloud however, that movie debuting in sixth place with $12.1 million. The only big move was Ramona & Beezus, which plummeted from sixth to eleventh in it’s second week out.

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