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News Shotgun 8/6

New Feature!  So every week there’s a lot of stuff that’s interesting but I can’t really figure out how to do a whole post on it so I’ve come up with the News Shotgun, which will give you a scatter shot of smaller news stories from the week.  Put on some protective eyewear and earplugs and let’s fire it up.

  • MGM planning an Outer Limits movie- So after stalling the Bond franchise and canceling the Robocop remake, MGM somehow has the funds to base a movie on the classic anthology series The Outer Limits.  I love the Showtime/SyFy reboot of it but I think it would be extremely hard to do a feature film of the show, especially since episodes are an hour instead of 30 minutes like The Twilight Zone.
  • Tarantino directing a new Shadow movie?- (Tip from Joe, Everything Actioncast regular) Quentin Tarantino has a million projects in different stages of development (including a combined edition of Kill Bill) but rumors are swirling that he might be directing a new movie based on The Shadow.  You may recall that the last movie based on The Shadow was the pretty awful Alec Baldwin movie.
  • Rambo Prequel?- Stallone has said that The Expendables will probably be his last starring role but he still wants to direct movies.  One of the things he’s thinking about is a prequel to First Blood that tells the story of Rambo in Vietnam.  Other interesting Stallone trivia that came out this week was that he auditioned for Han Solo and was offered the job of writing/directing Godfather III.
  • Stephen Sommers returns for GI Joe Sequel- I hated Rise of Cobra and this doesn’t give me hope for the sequel.  If they give Joseph Gordon Levitt a less goofy costume and kill off pretty much all the Joes, I might be on board.

So that’s it for this week’s News Shotgun, we’ll reload and be back next, and every Friday, in our attempt to bring you as much movie news as we can.

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