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Everything Actioncast Ep. 19 “SyFy Presents”

This week Brian and Zach bring you a quick Everything Actioncast as they get ready for their crazy adventures in VT this weekend.  You still get a preview of the sure to be in depth Expendables discussion, talk about Hollywood’s upcoming terrible ideas and some of our favorite SyFy Original movies.

  • Show and Tell: Zach and Brian briefly talk about The Expendables, Date Night and Heat.
  • News: Skyline Trailer, Tony Scott directing Nemesis adaptation, A Terminator animated movie? and the WB plans on destroying our good memories of Bugs Bunny with a CG abomination.  Plus a very sparse New Release Round Up.
  • Special Feature: To celebrate the release of Piranha 3D (which seems like a big budget SyFy Original) we talk about some of our favorite SyFy creature features including Yeti, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Ice Spiders, Mastodon and more.

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