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Battle at the Box Office 8/23

I’m feeling conflicted emotions looking at this week’s box office numbers.  On the one hand, The Expendables held onto the top spot against an onslaught of garbage but Scott Pilgrim (which I saw last Friday and thoroughly enjoyed) is dying faster than Taye Diggs at the end of Equilibrium.  The Expendables took in another $16.5 million over the weekend, bringing it’s two week total to just under $65 million.  Second place went to the “spoof” movie Vampires Suck, from the demon spawn behind Date Movie, Epic Movie, etc.  Eat, Pray, Love dropped down to third place, fourth place went to new release Lottery Ticket and The Other Guys rounded out the top 5.  The three other new releases took the sixth, seventh and eight spots (Piranha 3D, Nanny McPhee Returns and The Switch respectively.)  The tragedy of Scott Pilgrim is that it lost almost 50% from last week and fell from fifth to tenth.  It’s almost guaranteed to become a cult classic but it’s sad to see it lose to such cinematic garbage.  Definitely go see it if you haven’t yet.  This weekend see the return of Avatar, can it make another billion dollars or is everyone fine with watching it on DVD now?

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