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Everything Actioncast Ep. 20 “Expandables!”

The full crew is finally back together for the big Expendables talk and also talk about a world where Terry Crews would run Wall Street, the villainy of George Lucas, the decline of George A. Romero and our favorite heist films.

  • Show and Tell: Before talking about the event of the century that was The Expendables; Brian checked out The Other Guys, Chris continued to show off his great movie tastes by watching Old Dogs, Joe got caught up on Dexter and is excited for UFC 118 and Zach watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Black Dynamite, Hot Tub Time Machine and The Fifth Element.
  • News: The guys talk about the trailers for Black Swan, Monsters and My Soul to Take and also the prospect of Star Wars coming to Blu Ray next year.  Also New Release Round Up gets sidetracked about the decline of the Zombie movie.
  • Special Feature- Heist Films: With “Takers” coming out this weekend the guys take that as a chance to talk about some of their favorite heist movies including Heat, Ronin, Ocean’s Eleven, Gone in Sixty Seconds, The Italian Job and National Treasure.

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