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News Shotgun 8/27

Posted on August 27, 2010 by

  • Iron Fist movie on the way: Marvel has hired screenwriter Rich Wilkes, previous writer of Airheads and XXX, to write a script for an Iron Fist movie.  Iron Fist is one of Marvel’s lesser known heroes, an extremely skilled martial artist with indestructible fists.  Iron Fist was partners with Luke Cage during the 70’s and has a couple of reboots over the years.
  • Netflix iPhone/Ipod Touch App is out: I’m sure we’ll get better impressions from Brian and Joe on next week’s podcast about this app but all reviews seem to say that it’s awesome.
  • Nike patents Back to the Future II power lace shoes:

Where do I pre-order?

  • Fantastic Four Reboot Casting Rumors: Following on the heels of the Spider-Man reboot, Fox is planning a Fantastic Four reboot and there are apparently a couple choices for Reed Richards and Sue Storm.  For Reed the choices are Adrian Brody or Jonathan Rhys Myers and for Sue Storm the choices are Alice Eve or Amber Heard.
  • Jeremy Renner co-starring in Mission Impossible 4: Not much to say except Renner has been kick ass in pretty much everything he’s been in, I’m just wondering if if MI4 will ever come out because pretty much everything I read about it is how many problems it’s having.
  • Eli Roth making Thanksgiving into full movie: While we eagerly wait for Machete next week, another Grindhouse fake trailer is getting turned into a full movie.  The fake trailer is below in case you forgot what Thanksgiving was.

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