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News Shotgun 9/3

Not too exciting a week for movie news but there’s still a few interesting tidbits.

  • Unbreakable 2 coming in a strange way: During a recent interview with MTV, M. Night Shyamalan said that one of the films in his “Night Chronicles” series will be based on the story that would have been Unbreakable 2.  He said he created a great villain but felt the original was already to packed so he cut him out to be featured in the sequel.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road has insane amount of vehicles and stunts: The upcoming sequel to the Mad Max trilogy (starring Inception’s Tom Hardy) starts shooting next year but stuntman Cameron Taylor recently said that the movie is going to have over 130 cars and bikes and almost 300 stunts.
  • Harvey Keitel, Regional Manager: We all know that this is Steve Carell’s last year on The Office but this week a kind of insane suggestion came from Paul “Toby Flenderson” Lieberstein: Harvey Keitel.  Keitel has been doing TV as of late, I believe most recently the bomb that was ABC’s remake of Life on Mars.
  • More comics coming to the small screen: This week we learned that two more comic book series might be coming to TV.  The classic Neil Gaiman series Sandman and recent critical darling Locke & Key are both potentially becoming TV series.
  • Back to the Future games concept art and details: Telltale Games revealed some more details about their upcoming Back to the Future games.  There will be five episodes of Marty and Doc exploring Hill Valley in different time periods.  Christopher Lloyd will be voicing Doc Brown and other characters from the films might pop up as well.  Bob Gale, screenwriter for the original series, is writing the scripts for the game.  Check out the concept art below.

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