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News Shotgun 9/10

  • Stephen King’s Dark Tower series coming to TV and Movies: I’m not too familiar with The Dark Tower series but it is beloved by many people and it’s been in the works for a while as a movie.  This week it was announced that Ron Howard/Brian Grazer are going to be helming an unprecedented combined film/TV series.  A film will kick off the series, followed by a season of TV episodes, then another movie, another season of TV episodes and then a final film to finish the series.
  • Bruce vs. Frankenstein to be “The Expendables of Horror”: Bruce Campbell recently commented on the status of Bruce vs. Frankenstein, a sort of sequel to “My Name is Bruce”.  He said that they are looking to get Robert Englund and Kane Hodder (who played Freddy Krueger and Jason respectively) to appear as exaggerated versions of themselves.  Bruce also mentioned they are talking about having Hodder play Frankenstein as well.  The movie probably won’t get started for a while as Bruce is tied up with Burn Notice, which is fine with me.
  • Clint Eastwood was offered Superman and James Bond: While promoting his recent film, Hereafter, Clint revealed that he was offered both the roles of Superman and James Bond but he didn’t feel like he was the right fit for the roles so he passed.
  • Plot Synopsis for Dredd: The upcoming Judge Dredd movie, starring Karl Urban, has been retitled Dredd and is returning to the darker tone of the original comics.  Pete Travis of Vantage Point is directing and Olivia Thirlby from Juno and The Wackness will co-star as Judge Anderson.

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