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Battle at the Box Office 9/13

Being the only new wide release movie this weekend, and being in 3D, helped Resident Evil: Afterlife dominate the weekend box office.  The fourth Resident Evil movie took in $27.7 million, making it the most successful opening for the franchise and the series’ first number one opening weekend spot.  Takers continued to teeter back and forth in the top three.  Last week it was third and this week it went back up to two with $6.1 million.  The American dropped down to spots to third, probably because word of mouth has been terrible but it still made another $5.9 million.  Machete had the biggest drop of the week, going down to fourth and having a 63% change from last week.  Everything else pretty much stayed the same, give or take two spots.  There’s a crapload of competition coming out this weekend so expect some movement this weekend.

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