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Battle at the Box Office 9/20

It seems that people were willing to let Ben Affleck back into their lives this weekend as The Town was the big winner at the box office.  It took the top spot with just under $24 million, slightly under the “name dropped in the trailer” The Departed.  Two of the other new movies had fairly strong openings as well.  Easy A took the second spot with $18.2 million and already doubling it’s budget while Devil, the first of the Night Chronicles, made $12.6 million and probably guaranteeing more in the series.  Resident Evil: Afterlife had a fairly large drop off, losing 62% from last week and dropping to fourth.  Alpha and Omega had an appropriately mediocre opening for what looked like a mediocre animated film.  It took in $9.2 million, putting it in fourth place.  The ridiculous thing toward the bottom of the list is that Inception went from tenth back up to eighth, in it’s TENTH week out.  Also, The American continues it’s slide out of the top ten, going from third to seventh.  Almost everyone I’ve heard coming out of it at my movie theater seems to hate it so expect to continue to fall.  Machete also had a large slide down the chart, going from fourth to barely making tenth.

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