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Skyline/I Am Number Four Trailers

Weirdly there were two trailers for sci-fi alien movies released today.   The first is the second trailer for Skyline.  Directed by special effects gurus the Strause brothers it follows Eric Balfour and Donald Faison, among others, as they try to escape an alien invasion in Los Angeles.  This new trailer ramps up the action as it appears there’s going to be some Independence Dayesque air battles and horrible giant alien creatures.  I’m definitely way more excited for this one now as the effects look phenomenal.

The other trailer is for a movie I didn’t know existed until today, I Am Number Four. Based on a book, it follows a teen alien fugitive with special powers who must try to survive an evil aliens on his heels. Not really a lot revealed in the trailer but Timothy Olyphant is the bad guy so I’m intrigued but DJ Caruso is directing, so that dampens my excitement significantly.

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