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News Shotgun 10/1

By Zach

  • Christopher Nolan confirms he’s in for Batman 3: Glad we don’t have to worry about that anymore, now tell us who the villain will be!
  • Michael Caine explains the ending of Inception: Speaking of Nolan, Michael Caine revealed the truth about the ending of Inception in a recent interview.  *Spoilers* So after Cobb returns home to his kids, he spins his top but doesn’t care if it falls or not.  In the dream world it will spin forever and it seems to being doing that at the end of the film, but wobbles, leading to a massive debate about whether Cobb was still in the dream world or not.  Caine said that since his character appears in the scene, it’s the real world because he never appeared in the dream world at any other point in the movie.
  • Myst gets optioned for a movie: The classic PC adventure series was optioned for a movie adaptation this week by one of the Chronicles of Narnia producers.  The games had you moving through a mysterious land and solving puzzles.  The games had a great visual look but I don’t know what you would do in terms of plot.
  • Star Wars 3D coming soon: George Lucas revealed that all 6 Star Wars movies are getting released in 3D, probably starting in 2012 with The Phantom Menace and then each successive movie every year after.
  • Superman Short List: Even more Christopher Nolan related news, as he’s producing/overseeing Warner Brother’s new Superman movie.  A list of potential directors came out this week and it includes Tony Scott, Zack Snyder, Duncan Jones, Matt Reeves, Jonathan Liebesman and Darron Arronofsky.
  • First Look at Black Dynamite cartoon:

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