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Know Your “That Guy”: William Fichtner

William Fichtner

Born: November 27, 1956

Number of Roles: 54

Best Known for Playing: Assholes who turn out to be OK, Businessmen, Police

First Appearance: Josh Snyder/Rob Landry on As the World Turns (1987-1993)

Most Recent Appearance: Phil Yagoda on Entourage (2010)

Notable Roles:

  • Alex Mahone on Prison Break
  • Sheriff Tom Underlay on Invasion
  • DA Frank Crenshaw in Date Night
  • Darren MacElroy in Blades of Glory
  • Captain Knauer in The Longest Yard
  • Ken Rosenberg in GTA: Vice City
  • Jurgen in Equilibrium
  • Sanderson in Black Hawk Down
  • Colonel Willie Sharp in Armageddon
  • Roger Van Zant in Heat
  • David Sullivan in The Perfect Storm

Fun Facts

  • Constantly wears a ring that belonged to his grandfather
  • Favorite food is sushi
  • Member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences
  • Avid hockey fan

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