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Battle at the Box Office 11/8

All three of the new movies in theaters this weekend did pretty well, making it the biggest weekend of the “holiday kick off” period.  Megamind took the number one spot, thanks mostly to it being the first major animated feature in a while and also the bump from 3D.  The movie theater I work at had a big promotion over the weekend and I’m sure others did as well.  The movie made $47.7 million, upping it’s Dreamworks cousin How to Train Your Dragon’s opening weekend by around $4 million.  Due Date was a strong second with $33.5 million and Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls, although on the low end for Perry films, came in at third with just over $20 million.  Not surprisingly Saw 3D fell down to fifth now that Halloween is over and Paranormal Activity 2 fell as well.  Three more new movies are out this weekend so expect a bunch of movies to get pushed out of the top ten.

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