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Cars 2 Trailer

Next year’s Pixar release is Cars 2 and the first trailer for it came out today.  It’s most likely going to be in front of Tangled next week in theaters.  Lightning McQueen and Mater head out to compete in the first World Grand Prix, a race around the world to determine who is truly the fastest car, but the duo gets mixed up in some international espionage, headed up by a British spy car played by Michael Caine.  Michael Caine as an anthropomorphic Bond car is genius but I’m not crazy about the idea of slimming down the cast of the original to just Lightning and Mater.  Cars is probably one of the most successful Pixar movies but it’s generally viewed as their weakest one, but hopefully the sequel will capitalize on it’s Bond theme and hey, even bad Pixar is better than like 80% of what Hollywood produces every year.  Check out the trailer below and the movie is out next Summer.

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