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Green Lantern Trailer

One of the most anticipated movies of next year finally gets a trailer, attached to Harry Potter this weekend.  In recent years, the Green Lantern/Hal Jordan has become one of DC’s most popular characters, culminating with last year’s Blackest Night event.  Ryan Reynolds is playing Hal in the movie version and goes back to his origins of being an Air Force test pilot who is recruited into the intergalactic crime fighting society of the Green Lanterns.  The trailer has kind of a weird tug of war going on in that it seems like it wants to be both funny like Iron Man but the music and titles would have you believe it’s serious like The Dark Knight.  It also looks like most of the movie takes place on Earth as opposed to other planets, which I guess is a good thing since most movie goers are going to be hearing about Green Lantern for the first time but the Green Lanterns are space cops so hopefully we’ll get to see some crazy planets.  Check out the trailer below and the movie is going to be out during next summer’s bloodbath of blockbusters.

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