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Everything Actioncast Ep 32 “Goldeneye 007”

This week the trio of Brian, Zach and Chris celebrate the 15th anniversary of Goldeneye with tons of Bond talk and also talk about the wackiness of the many Robocop properties, talk about some recent trailers and have their bi-weekly Batman 3 speculation.

  • Show and Tell: Brian checked out How to Train Your Dragon and institutes a weekly discussion of Walking Dead, Chris watched the delightfully cheesy Bitch Slap, Transporter 3 and Zach started Season Two of Sliders for Total Recall, and watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Robocop 2 (which doesn’t deserve the shit it gets).
  • News: Trailers for The Eagle, Season of the Witch and Battle for Los Angeles, A shortlist for two female characters in The Dark Knight Rises and Lifetime is making an action movie.  Plus, the New Release Round Up.
  • Bond, James Bond: It’s the 15th anniversary of Goldeneye this week so the guys talk in depth about it and also dive into all sorts of other Bond talk, including the varying quality of the Brosnan era, stupid villain plots, video games and the abortion that was James Bond Jr.

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