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News Shotgun 11/26

By Zach

  • Buffy reboot in the works: Causing nerd aneurysms this week was the news that Warner Brothers is going to be making a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie but not based on the cult Joss Whedon series or the original Kristy Swanson movie.
  • Mysterious Neill Blomkamp Teaser: From the digital version of the latest issue of Wired came this crazy viral/teaser video for what is possibly Neill Blomkamp’s next movie.  The video shows a pair of guys stopping on the side of the road to check out the carcass of some sort of mutant animal with “AGM Heartland” stamped on it.  I’m assuming AGM Heartland is going to be a fake company that they’ll use to promote the film in the same way Lost had the Dharma Initiative and Cloverfield had Slusho.  You can check out the video below:
  • Underworld 4 plot synopsis: The fourth Underworld movie (now subtitled New Dawn) finds Kate Beckinsale’s Selene waking up after 15 years and finding out she has a lycan/vampire daughter named Nissa and that an evil company named BioCom wants to create a breed of super Lycans.
  • Gore Verbinski directing The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp: Gore Verbinksi, director of the Pirates franchise, is re-teaming with Johnny Depp and Jerry Bruckheimer for an adaptation of the classic pulp hero The Lone Ranger.  Depp will play the Lone Ranger’s sidekick Tonto and no word about who will play the Ranger himself.
  • Uncharted movie gets star and possible co-stars: Uncharted has been in development as a movie for a while and it was finally announced who would play “devil may care” hero Nathan Drake and it’s Mark “Say hi to your mother for me” Wahlberg.  David O. Russell is writing/directing and Wahlberg said they’re trying to get Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro to co-star as Nate’s father and uncle.  I’m extremely worried because Russell has been talking some serious crap about the game, saying it has no story and they’re only going to be vaguely related.  Nathan Fillion and Bruce Campbell should have been cast as Drake and Sully respectively and it should just be a fun, modern Indiana Jones but now it’s some sort of weird antiquity dealing crime thing.
  • Hangover 2 plot revealed: Wondering how the Hangover gang was going to wind up in Bangkok?  Well they’re there for Stu’s (Ed Helms) wedding and he wants to play it safe with no bachelor party, just a pre-wedding brunch.  Of course, shit gets crazy.
  • The Thing Prequel gets a release date: The prequel to The Thing has been delayed but the new release date was announced this week and it will be out on October 14, 2011.

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