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Black Death Trailer

By Zach

The Plague is going to be all the rage next year as we have Season of the Witch and also, Black Death, which had it’s red band trailer released today.  Starring Everything Action favorite Sean Bean as Ulric, a knight who is sent out to investigate a village that is rumored to be untouched by the Black Death but there’s also rumors that a Necromancer rules it.  Ulric is accompanied by Osmund, a young monk, and they set out to village to find it’s secret and horrible things ensue.  I think this movie might have a slight edge on Season of the Witch since Sean Bean is definitely a better fit for the medieval setting than Nicolas Cage and this one looks bloodier and creepier too.  Decide for yourself by checking out the trailer below and the movie is out On Demand in February and then in theaters in March.

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