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News Shotgun 12/24

  • The Room getting 3D and Blu Ray Releases: The “Rock Horror” of the naughts, The Room, is coming to theaters in 3D and on Blu Ray next year with tons of extra features, according to it’s insane star/director Tommy Wiseau.
  • “Madden Curse” being developed into a movie: The supposed belief that the athlete who appears on the cover of the latest edition of Madden somehow has a terrible year afterwards is the genesis of an upcoming movie.  The supposed plot makes even less sense than that idea would imply; supposedly a professional Madden video gamer is pulled back into the world when his face appears on the bottom corner of the latest game.  WTF?
  • MGM Back in Business: MGM has had a tough year but after declaring bankruptcy and restructuring, the studio is ready to get back into production with $500 million in capital to get started.  MGM has a number of completed projects that they weren’t able to release due to their bankruptcy including Jeepers Creepers 3, The Zookeeper, Bunyan and Babe and, conspicuously absent from this year, the Red Dawn remake.  MGM also has both The Hobbit and James Bond 23 that need to get going.
  • Avatar the most pirated movie of 2010: Apparently people didn’t care if they saw it in 3D or not.

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