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After Dark Films Husk and The Task Trailers

Our friends over at After Dark Films have released the trailers for two of their upcoming movies.  The first is Husk, which is directed by Brett Simmons and follows a group of teens as they get into an accident near a seemingly abandoned farmhouse.  Unfortunately horrible things go down including the group getting attacked by an evil scarecrow.  I really like the design of the scarecrow, it’s very reminiscent of pre-hockey mask Jason, when he was wearing a potato sack instead, mixed with Sam from Trick R Treat.

The other trailer is for The Task, directed by Alex Orwell, and it follows a reality show that sends six strangers into an abandoned prison and then forces them to perform Fear Factoresque tasks for the chance to earn $20,000. Things don’t go as planned however when the contestants start getting tortured and killed by the deranged former warden. There’s also a super creepy clown video host that gives the contestants their challenges.

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