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Action Hero of the Week: Blade

Name: Blade (Real Name: Eric Brooks)

Occupation: Vampire Hunter

Family: Mother, Vanessa (Turned into a vampire and killed by Blade)

Allies: Whistler, Dr. Karen Jenson, Reinhardt, Nyessa and the Bloodpack, Josh/Scud, Hannibal King, Abigail Whistler

Enemies: Deacon Frost, Quinn, Jared Nomak, Eli Damaskinos, Danica Talos, Dracula, Asher, Jarko Grimwood

Weapon(s) of Choice: Acid edged sword, silver stakes, anticoagulant vials, glaive, Mac-10, Benelli M3 Shotgun

Body Count: 172

Memorable Quote: “It’s open season on all suck heads.”

See Blade in Action:

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