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Everything Action Theater: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Another edition of Everything Action Theater is here and thanks to Hulu you can watch the totally non heinous sequel to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Bogus Journey.  Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan are still trying to turn Wyld Stallyns into the force for global peace and harmony the band will be in the future and the first step is the local Battle of the Bands.  However, an evil terrorist from the future sends a pair of evil robots back in time and they successfully kill Bill & Ted.  Now our heroes have to find their way through Hell and Heaven to get back into their bodies and save the princesses from their evil robotic dopplegangers.  While not as good as the first movie, there’s still tons of great stuff in this one, most notably Bill Sadler as Death.  Check out the whole movie below.

One thought on “Everything Action Theater: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

  1. WOW… as a kid I saw this movie in the theaters and remembered being disappointed. Now re-watching this film as an adult, I have to say I’m just as disappointed.

    You’re right about one thing… William Sadler was awesome as Death.

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