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Know Your “That Guy”: Phillip Baker Hall

Phillip Baker Hall

Born: September 10, 1931

Number of Roles: 155

Best Known for Playing: Gruff government/military officials

First Appearance: Father Reis in Cowards (1970)

Most Recent Appearance: Malvern Bump in All Good Things (2010)

Notable Roles

  • Doctor Morrison on Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Russ on The Loop
  • Father Callaway in The Amityville Horor
  • Eugene Kalb in In Good Company
  • Captain Diel in Rush Hour 1-3
  • George Greeley on Pasadena
  • Lt. Bookman on Seinfeld
  • Sheriff Al Chambers in Psycho
  • Attorney General Ward in Air Force One
  • Floyd Gondolli in Boogie Nights
  • Chief Justice in The Rock
  • Jimmy Gator in Magnolia
  • Jack Baylor in Bruce Almighty
  • Don Hewitt in The Insider

Fun Facts

  • Frequently cast in Paul Thomas Anderson movies
  • Appeared in both Zodiac and The Zodiac, two movies about the Zodiac killer
  • Starred alone in Robert Altman’s Secret Honor


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