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Everything Actioncast Ep 46 “Memory Loss”

This week Zach, Chris and Joe talk about The King of Kong and the dangers of becoming obsessed with classic video games, Jurassic Park video games, memory loss movies and more.

  • Show and Tell: Joe watched The Sunset Limited, Survival of the Dead, Fracture and Knight & Day, Chris finally watched The King of Kong and Date Night and started Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and Zach finished Season Two of Sliders for the site and watched Black Death, Unknown and played the first episode of Back to the Future: The Game.
  • News: Apollo 18 trailer, Jurassic Park game trailer, Telltale games making a Walking Dead game, Detroit building a statue of Robocop thanks to intrepid citizens.  Also the New Release Round Up.
  • Special FeatureMemory Loss: With the 10th anniversary of Memento this week, the guys talk about movies that feature amnesia/memory loss like Total Recall, Paycheck, Dark City, the Bourne Movies and more.

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