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Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and Thor: Tales of Asgard Trailers

By Zach

Gearing up for their big summer superhero movies, both DC and Marvel are releasing Direct to DVD animated movies to get everyone excited.  First up: DC is releasing Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, which will tell six, interlocking stories about different Green Lanterns.  The Internet is excited because their choice for Hal Jordan, Nathan Fillion, is doing the voice of Hal in this.  It looks great and the original Green Lantern animated movie, First Flight, is one of my favorite of the usually fantastic DC animated movies so I’m excited about this one.

Marvel, on the other hand, is releasing Thor: Tales of Asgard, which tells the story of Thor’s teen years as he is sent on a quest to recover a powerful sword by his father Odin. In typical Thor fashion, the Frost Giants catch wind of this and march on Asgard. It looks all right but Marvel is definitely more hit and miss in the animated movie department than DC. Check out the trailer below and both of these should be out a week or two before their respective movies are out in theaters.

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