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Battle at the Box Office 2/28

A super bizarre weekend at the box office this weekend as, in it’s third week out, Gnomeo & Juliet had a surge and jumped up to the number one spot with $14.2 million.  Second place went to new release Hall Pass with $13.4 million and is on par with the more recent Farrelly Bros. movies like Fever Pitch and The Heartbreak Kid but definitely on the low end of the comedy spectrum.  Last week’s number one, Unknown, dropped down to third with $12.4 million.  It’s drop was a little more significant than Taken.  Just Go With It remained in fourth and I Am Number Four dropped down from second to fifth with a little over $11 million.  With a new Director’s Cut, Justin Bieber stayed in seventh place while recently crowned Best Picture, The King’s Speech, remained in seventh (although with it’s recent Oscar win it will probably get a boost this weekend).  The other new release from last weekend, Drive Angry 3D, was a spectacular bomb at the box office, becoming the new worst 3D opening ever with $5.1 million.  That’s half as much as last month’s Cage movie Season of the Witch and worse than director Patrick Lussier’s last 3D movie, My Bloody Valentine.  It will be interesting to see if Gnomeo can hold on this weekend against new animated contender Rango.

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