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Know Your “That Guy”: R. Lee Ermey

By Zach

R. Lee Ermey

Born: March 24, 1944

Number of Roles: 116

Best Known for Playing: Gruff and angry drill sergeants and other military authority figures.

First Appearance: Sergeant Loyce in The Boys of Baker Company (1978)

Most Recent Appearance: Walter Burlock on Law & Order: SVU (2010)

Notable Roles

  • Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket
  • General Kramer in Toy Soldiers
  • Brisco County Sr. on Brisco County Jr.
  • Stone in On Deadly Ground
  • Conventioneer in Leaving Las Vegas
  • Police Captain in Se7en
  • Colonel Hapablap on The Simpsons
  • Reverand Patrick Findley on The X-Files
  • Sarge in Toy Story
  • Sgt. Hiles in The Frighteners
  • Mr. Martin in Willard
  • Coach in Saving Silverman
  • Wildcat on Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Fun Facts

  • Served 11 years in the Marines before starting acting, achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant and was awarded an honorary rank of Gunnery Sgt.
  • Originally hired just to be a technical advisor on Full Metal Jacket
  • Hosted two History Channel military shows, Mail Call and Lock n Load.
  • Prefers comedic roles over dramatic ones.

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