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News Shotgun 3/4

  • Trent Reznor scoring and co-starring in Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: Hot off his recent Oscar win for The Social Network score, we learned this week that Reznor is going to be doing the score for the upcoming Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Reznor will also act in the movie as the vampire that kills Lincoln’s mother, setting in motion his crusade against the undead.
  • Phantom Menace 3D release date: The start of the 3D Star Wars releases will begin next February on the 10th.  If I can just watch the end lightsaber battle, I’d be all set.
  • Tom Hanks and Tim Allen starring in Jungle Cruise: Disney is going to attempt another Pirates of the Caribbean ride to movie conversion with a new movie based on their classic Jungle Cruise ride.
  • The Cape gets cancelled, last episode airing on-line: The ridiculously awful superhero show, The Cape, has succumbed to the inevitability of cancellation and it’s last episode isn’t even going to air on television, but instead on nbc.com.  The episode order was previously cut from 13 episodes to 10.
  • Blade Runner prequel or sequel could be on the way: Alcon Entertainment, the company behind The Book of Eli, among others, is on the verge of securing the rights to make either prequels or sequels to the sci fi classic Blade Runner.  There has been a comic prequel, but it was based more on the original short story.
  • Tarantino might be making a Western: Quentin Tarantino has tons of potential projects in the works but he apparently finished a script for a spaghetti western, possibly starring Christoph Waltz.   Tarantino mentioned that he would want to set the story pre-Civil War so he could tackle the issue of slavery in it.
  • Dumb and Dumber Sequel in the works: During the Hall Pass press junket, the Farrelly Bros. mentioned that they have been thinking about doing a true sequel to their comedy classic Dumb & Dumber.  It would all hinge on getting Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels coming back and getting the right script.  It has to be better than Dumb and Dumberer.
  • Devil May Cry movie in the works: Screen Gems, the people who have brought Resident Evil to movie screens, is looking into making another Capcom franchise into a movie, Devil May Cry.  The screenwriter behind Kane & Lynch, Kyle Ward, is signed on to write the script and other than that, there’s no info.  They need to find a director who is able to do crazy, over the top action like possibly Neveldine/Taylor, Zack Snyder or someone else.
  • Promo shot of Red Skull:

  • Conan the Barbarian remake Motion Poster:

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