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Know Your “That Guy”: Joe Lo Truglio


Joe Lo Truglio

Born: December 2, 1970

Number of Roles: 55

Best Known for Playing: Spastic, over confident, nerdy dudes

First Appearance: Various characters on You Wrote It, You Watch It (1992)

Most Recent Appearance: Officer Bobby Bleeker on Backwash (2011)

Notable Roles:

  • Nick on Mad Love
  • O’Reilly in Paul
  • Glenn on Sons of Tuscon
  • Deputy Frank Rizzo on Reno 911!
  • Donnie on Party Down
  • Lonnie in I Love You, Man
  • Kuzzik in Role Models
  • Mr. Edwards in Pineapple Express
  • Billy on Horrible People
  • Francis in Superbad
  • Various characters on The State
  • Neil in Wet, Hot, American Summer

Fun Facts

  • Drew a number of the cartoons and animations featured on The State
  • Is an avid horror movie fan and used to shoot horror movies with a Super 8 camera when he was a kid.

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