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News Shotgun 3/25

  • TV Cancellations/Renewals begin: It’s almost the end of the regular TV season and the networks are starting to renew and ax a bunch of their shows.  Of interest to us, Futurama, Fringe, Community, Parks & Rec and The Office have all been renewed for another season.  In sad news, FX has cancelled another great show with Lights Out.
  • Arnold possibly starring in an animated series, teaming up with Stan Lee?: We’ve been diligently watching the Arnold comeback story and some new developments came out this week including that Arnold might be working on a cartoon with A2 Entertainment, formerly DIC.  An announcement is supposed to be coming on April 4th.  Arnold has also been mentioning he’s working on a comic book character and Stan Lee has a partnership with A2, so they could possibly be one and the same.
  • Edited King’s Speech out April 1st: The Weinstein Company, in an effort to increase the audience for The King’s Speech (i.e. make more money) has edited out some of the language that gave the film an R rating and is re-releasing it into theaters next week.
  • Dune Reboot cancelled: Paramount was working on a new take on the Dune franchise but they decided to let the rights lapse and return to Richard P. Rubenstein, who controls the rights and helped get the SyFy miniseries get made back in the day.  Paramount is rumored to have spent possibly in the six figures trying to get the film into production.
  • Stephen King possibly writing an episode of The Walking Dead: Awesome, moving on.
  • John Travolta/Nicolas Cage back together for two possible movies: The Face/Off co-stars might be joining forces again for two possibly films.  One is called Shrapnel and it follows a vengeful Bosnian soldier as he sets up a seemingly friendly hunting trip which turns into a deadly game of revenge against the American who badly injured him.  The other is Sea Trial, where a couple on a romantic cruise find that the ship isn’t what the signed up for.
  • Juno Temple cast in The Dark Knight Rises: The cast for DKR gets bigger every week it seems and this week it was confirmed that Juno Temple, previously of Atonement and Notes on a Scandal, has been cast.  The leading rumor for her role will that she will be playing Holly Robinson, a character created by Frank Miller in Year One, who was sort of a little sister to Selina Kyle.
  • World War Z movie needs more money: The film adaptation of Max Brooks’ amazing zombie novel World War Z has been in development for years but Paramount is willing to pull the plug if a co-financier doesn’t help with funding.  The budget has been estimated at $125 million and Brad Pitt’s production company would be behind it (Pitt was supposed to star in it as well).  Marc Forster is signed on to direct and he recently agreed to make the film PG-13.

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