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Know Your “That Guy”: Tom Noonan

By Zach

Tom Noonan

Born: April 12, 1951

Number of Roles: 65

Best Known for Playing: Creepy serial killers/bad guys

First Appearance: Man in Park in Willie & Phil (1980)

Most Recent Appearance: Preston Holloway on The Cape (2011)

Notable Roles

  • Jake in Heaven’s Gate
  • Francis Dollarhyde in Manhunter
  • Frankenstein in Monster Squad
  • Scully in Collision Course
  • Cain in Robocop 2
  • The Ripper/Himself in Last Action Hero
  • Kelso in Heat
  • Sheriff Decker in Knockaround Guys
  • Zephyr on CSI
  • Ray Gulikson in The Alphabet Killer
  • Mr. Ulman in The House of the Devil
  • Detective Huntley on Damages

Fun Facts

  • He and his Heat co-star Ted Levine have both played serial killers caught by assistance from Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter and The Silence of the Lambs respectively.
  • The play, “A Poster for the Cosmos”, was written specifically for Tom Noonan.

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